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  • Encapsulation technology (Encapsulation Technique)

    - The nano particle capsule with globular form made through methods of solvent extraction, evaporation and emulsion polymerization increases the stability of active ingredients of cosmetics

  • Solubilizing technology (Solubilization Technique)

    - Applies solubilizing process of physics in naturally dissolving materials of low solubility through reversible interactions by adding surfactant in water and forming isotropy solution stabilized thermodynamically

  • Stabilizing technology (Stabilization Technique)

    - Despite most active materials being unstable and easy to precipitate, the liquid crystalline system protects and stabilizes them from outside environment with multi layer films

- liquid crystalline in hydrogel -
Main products
  • Gceraplex

    - Technology : Gceraplex is a nano particle encapsulizing Ceramide into Phospholipid and Glucosylceramide to maximize the efficacy on skin

  • Epidermics

    - Encapsulating technology : multi-stabilizing technology of encapsulating hydrophil NMF and hydrophobic ceramide by forming Liquid crystal using lecithin and making them hydrogel using extracts of white mushroom whose 'water holding capacity' is better than HA by 10%

  • Refining technology

    - Refining synthetic chemical compound to the highest level of purity is deemed to be one of the most challenging task due to highly sophisticated process in minimizing the odor and maximizing the purity simultaneously.
    - The purity of chemical compound plays a key role, for determining whether the product which has gone through a minimum rework cycle can be an appropriate candidate material for cosmetic applications.
    - Our laboratory is equipped with Mass Spectrum(MS) system and solution gas-chromatography. We can provide the best colorless and odorless products with precise and solid quality assurance/quality control analysis.

Main products
  • Hexanediol-6

    - With a result of 2 year long refining technology development, SAMKWANG Chem Corp can provide colorless and odorless 1,2-Hexanediol with, at least, 99.8% purity. We now reproduce and distribute 1,2-Hexanediol with our own technology.

  • MPO(P)

    - Methylpropanediol is a kind of glycol which is transparent and nearly odorless. This synthesized substance is well known as solvent and humectant. Originally, MPO was introduced to cosmetic industry as an alternative to 1,3 Butylene Glycol as it has a similar chemical structure and has better price competitiveness. However, MPO was difficult to apply in cosmetics due to its unique odor. To provide a perfect resolution for this, we have successfully developed and honed our refinement technology to get rid of existing odor. The refined methylpropanediol -- MPO(P) -- will serve your purpose just fine.
    The EWG (Environmental Working Group) grade of methylpropanediol is 1st grade.